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Learn to fly with CFI, author, designer, competition/test pilot Larry Mednick. Rates are $195 per hour. From introductory flights to advanced training beyond the scope of FAA required standards including high turbulence flying and soft field landings. Also available is night training with Wes Frey and intensive ground school training with Dave Miller.

All flights are conducted using the highest quality, safest equipment available which include an emergency full aircraft parachute. Weight limit is 250lbs
  Talk directly with the designer of the REVO and REV. Larry is always happy to take phone calls to answer questions you might have. 813-810-9262. Or to place an order click below and fill out order form and email to


15 Min Ground School Lesson Describing Flight Operation of the REVO
  Purchase the “Trike School” DVD or download here
  Aircraft Will Ship As Shown
Ready to Fly in under 1 Hour!


  30 Min Onboard Instructional Flight   REVO Aircraft Review  

Bill Stockfield trained with Larry Mednick at the age of 75. He is now a Weight shift control Sport pilot with over 1,000 logged landings!
Note the execution of the landings of all 3 students.

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